Are you looking for a fun filled day on the 
Pamlico/Tar River in Eastern North Carolina?

Are you looking for a new waterfront home on the
Pamlico/Tar River in Eastern North Carolina?

How about newlywed transportation?  See picture
at bottom.

Miss Bea and I can help you accomplish either or both of the above - just tell me what you would like to do while onboard!  We can pick you up in Washington, Bath or at another mutually agreed upon dock (perhaps a waterfront home you would like to view from the water).  Wouldn't it be great to explore the water near a potential new home before you bought it?  If you are just looking for a fun-filled, day on the water (perhaps taking pictures of area wildlife) her cabin can keep you out of the sun on hot days or if it starts to rain, keep you dry. I'm not a great fisherman, so if you want to go fishing, I can recommend an excellent charter boat for inshore fishing!

Miss Bea is a 22' C-Dory requiring only 18 inches of water to navigate.  This makes her ideal for exploring the sometimes shallow water of our river system.  She is fitted with all Coast Guard required safety equipment and is inspected annually by the Coast Guard Auxiliary.  Adequate liability insurance is provided.  I've been boating for nearly forty years and have my Coast Guard license (OUPV).

                              Fees for chartering Miss Bea (and meare as follows for 2 people:

                                   1 hour   - $  40.00                                     
                                   4 hours - $135.00             Call For Information About Sunset/Moonlight Cruises          
                                   8 hours - $250.00                                  
​                             (Slightly higher rates for 3 or 4 people - MAXIMUM 4 ADULTS)

Crabbing For Kids - A 2 hour adventure for kids 13 or younger accompanied by at least 1 adult.  Due to space limitations it is best to limit the number of "crabbers" to 2 kids.  Bait and tackle will be provided as well as a "surprise" for each kid.  Depending on the weather, crabbing will begin in June.  
                                               Cost is $70.00 per trip.  Reservations are required.

                 For additional information or to book a charter, please contact me at 
                                                             or 252-402-5564(8:00 am - 9:00 PM ET).

Welcome Aboard!
Captain Bob Boulden